About Me

A little about myself

I am a Saskatchewan native, hailing from Humboldt, and began my professional journey in the transportation industry in Saskatoon. Through hard work and dedication, I quickly rose through the ranks to assume the position of Account Manager. In 2010, I made a career pivot to Real Estate and have never looked back since.

My family is my greatest source of pride, and I have been blessed with an amazing daughter who was just an infant when I first embarked on my Real Estate career. One of my fondest memories is when she saw one of my property signs and, in all seriousness, asked me why it didn’t bear the label “Daddy”.

Saskatoon is a vibrant community, brimming with opportunities and breathtaking sights. As a dedicated Real Estate professional, I am fully committed to serving the needs of your family. I welcome the chance to connect with you and provide exceptional service tailored to your specific needs.